Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at Hampton Academies Trust is to deliver an outstanding education for children and young adults.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs of our students and to equip them to fulfil their potential, and to provide high quality learning and leisure opportunities for members of our community.


  • Schools within the trust will be welcoming places at the heart of the community, valuing all people and their talents, beliefs and cultures equally;

  • Students will feel safe and respected as individuals at our schools; they will feel happy to come to our schools to learn;

  • All staff will feel valued, informed and involved in decision making;

  • Parents and carers will feel well informed, and involved in their child's education;

  • We recognize families as sources of love and care for their members, and as the basis of a society in which people care for others.


  • Our schools will provide for high quality teaching and learning, involving challenging and enjoyable activities; this will enable our students to think, and to produce high quality work;

  • Our curriculum will cater for a wide range of ability and talent, and will provide students with a broad, general education of the highest quality. We will provide an outstanding choice of extra curricular activities.


  • Our schools will have a positive ethos, which emphasises respect, responsibility and participation;

  • Students will be encouraged to grow spiritually, morally, socially and culturally;

  • We will place a high emphasis on maintaining positive relationships with students based on honesty and fairness;

  • We will expect all members of our schools to act with courtesy, respect and good manners;

  • We will emphasise the pleasure in learning, and we will do our best to make sure that fun is part of the experience for all at Hampton Academy Trust schools.


  • Our schools will promote the importance of healthy living, and we will emphasise its impact on learning;

  • In all areas of operation, our schools will stress the importance of healthy eating; students will be encouraged to drink water in most classes;

  • All school sites are non-smoking areas at all times;

  • We believe that the health and safety of students, staff and visitors are of paramount importance, and they will always be our first considerations;

  • We will work with students, parents and relevant external agencies to promote safe travel to and from our schools;

  • In the interest of safety, students will receive clear messages about items that should not be brought onto school premises, or on school visits.


  • The trust and our schools will be well governed, managed and led, having excellent relationships with other schools and agencies. Resources will be used effectively to support learning;

  • Students will be offered opportunities to show responsibility, and to develop leadership skills.


  • Our schools will emphasise the opportunities and responsibilities that life in a large community can bring;

  • We will make our facilities available to members of our community for learning and for leisure;

  • Our schools will enhance community life;

  • Students will be made aware of the positive roles they can play in our global community;

  • Students will learn to respect religious and cultural diversity.


  • We will provide and outstanding learning environment stimulating, colourful and well cared for;

  • Students will learn to respect their environment at a local, national and international level.


  • We will develop the next generation of citizens and leaders, willing and able to play active roles in their communities;

  • We will lead out into the world young people who feel positive about themselves and demonstrate a passion for life, who respect the rights of other people and who are ready to make their mark.