Hampton Lakes Nursery and Year 3 / 4 Plans for September 2021

25 March 2021

Hampton Lakes Nursery and Year 3 / 4 Plans for September 2021

As you will know, we are immensely proud of our school and the community we serve and so it is with absolute delight that we feel we can celebrate our growth with you.

We have agreed with Peterborough City Council to secure a mixed Year Three / Four class for this coming September in order to provide much needed school places for children that have moved into this wonderful new housing development.

In addition to this, our Nursery is also due to open in September. It will be amazing to think that we can extend our fantastic Early Years’ experience, that genuinely values the importance of play based learning, for our little people in Hampton.

We are unreserved in our thanks to the team of amazingly passionate people we work with for all their support in making this happen.

Mr Kingsley, Chair of the Trust, Dr Price, CEO and Mrs Behan, COO for the Hampton Academies Trust, in consultation with Mrs Cross, Chair of the Local Governing Body, and all the members of the HL Governing Body who have spent considerable time looking for a solution to secure the growing need for school places within Hampton.

We have promised you all an exciting learning journey, and we intend to uphold this. We have loved working with you and cannot wait to see the next phase of our development unfold.

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