Hampton Lakes Primary School Update July 2018

10 July 2018

The Trust’s latest new school project, Hampton Lakes Primary School (formerly known as Hampton East Primary School), is due to open in September 2019 to reception children and will be located on the new development to the east of the A15, near Teardrop Lake. You may be aware that the building contract had been with Carillion PLC. We have been working hard behind the scenes with Peterborough City Council to progress the project following the collapse of Carillion. The building contract is now in the process of being re-tendered and we anticipate that the building will now be completed by late Spring 2020.

In order to still open on time to an intake of 30 Reception children, the children and staff will be accommodated on a temporary basis at Hampton College Primary Phase (HCPP) from September 2019. We intend to convert the staffroom into a classroom for two terms. This means that Hampton College primary children will not be moved or disturbed, and that the teachers and support staff at HCPP will get a refurbished staffroom once the class has moved to the new building.

Some of you may recall that when we opened HCPP we were accommodated in two classrooms on the site of Hampton Hargate Primary School. We have fond memories of that year and will always be grateful to our friends at Hampton Hargate for helping us out in that way. In the same spirit, we think that hosting the Hampton Lakes children at Hampton College temporarily is the right thing to do, given the demand for primary places in the local area and for the residents on the new Hampton Gardens development, who have moved in anticipating that a new primary school would open shortly.

Once we have moved in to the new building, we will be able to increase our intake to 60 children per year group at Hampton Lakes.

There will be an information evening for parents/carers considering sending their reception age children to Hampton Lakes Primary School in November, hosted at Hampton College Primary Phase. We will also be hosting a number of drop-in information events for the community, and consulting on the admissions policy, in October/November this year.

Helen Price

Executive Headteacher

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