HAT Member Vacancy - join our team

30 March 2023

HAT Member Vacancy - join our team

The Hampton Academies Trust, a multi academy trust in Peterborough, is seeking to appoint new members to its trust. These are voluntary positions and are in effect very high level governance roles within the trust leadership and governance structure.

Role description

Members are the most senior figures in the multi academy trust governance structure and sit above the board of trustees. We currently have five members with two vacancies for September 2023.

Members have ultimate oversight of the performance and development of the Hampton Academies Trust and ensure the trust is working effectively towards meeting its stated aims and outcomes. They are responsible for appointing or removing trustees and amending the trust’s Articles of Association.

Members will attend an annual general meeting plus a small number of other meetings, as required. Meetings are a hybrid of in-person and online. A familiarisation and induction programme will be provided for new members, to ensure that they are supported in carrying out their role.

About the Hampton Academies Trust

The Hampton Academies Trust was founded in 2014 and operates in the Peterborough area. Our name reflects the local focus of our work and our commitment to our surrounding community. The trust has grown and developed from the team who led and governed our first school, Hampton College. Hampton College opened as a local authority maintained comprehensive school in 2005. In 2012 we opened our primary phase (making Hampton College an all-through school). As a trust our current operations comprise: Hampton College (2FE at Reception, 7FE at Year 7), Hampton Gardens School (Year 7 7FE), Hampton Lakes Primary School and nursery setting (2FE at Reception) and Dogsthorpe Infant School (3FE at Reception).

Hampton is a modern township on the southern outskirts of the city of Peterborough. The area has grown rapidly over the last 15 years and currently there are over 4000 houses on the development and a further 3000 are being built. The social profile of the area is mixed and our schools’ intakes are generally at national average in terms prior attainment and deprivation. Our operations in the Dogsthorpe area of the city are located in an area of high deprivation and social challenge.

We are committed to providing a high quality education for all. We are inclusive in our values, but this does not lessen our ambition for our learners. In recent years the trust has been particularly successful in supporting children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve well at school, in a number of our setting's.

Our three key challenges over the next three years:

* To expand our operations considerably, without diluting the quality of education being provided for current learners. To make the trust robust and of a scale to function well into the future.

* To meet the needs of all learners from all groups, including those with Special Needs and the More Able and Talented.

* To continue to provide a high quality educational experience, despite considerable funding challenges and difficulties in recruiting school staff and teachers.

Our future plans

Our decision to convert to academy status in 2014 stemmed from our desire to continue to contribute to our growing community and help meet the challenge of an acute school place shortage in the locality.

We became a multi academy trust on 1 September 2014 and immediately submitted a Free School bid to open our second school, Hampton Gardens School (11-19) which opened in September 2017. Our second Free School, a 2 form entry primary school with nursery setting, Hampton Lakes Primary School successfully opened in 2019 and Dogsthorpe Infant School joined the trust in 2020.

The team have recently submitted another Free School Bid to be the educational provider for a new project on the Great Haddon, new development in the Peterborough/North Cambridgeshire area. In the right circumstances, we are receptive to discussions with existing local schools and small MATs, wishing to join our trust and/ or work with us.

The trust engages actively with all local stakeholders and has cordial and productive working relationships with Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council. Through innovative partnership and collaboration, we believe we are working together to widened opportunities for children and young people in the areas of Peterborough where we operate.

Key competencies

We are seeking high calibre, experienced professionals who are passionate about education and share our trust’s vision. Experience of any of the following would be particularly desirable:

• Experience or detailed knowledge of the Higher Education sector

• Experience or detailed knowledge of company finance

• A legal background

• A background at senior level in business/ industry/ the skills and training sector

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Hampton College, Hampton Gardens, Hampton Lakes Primary Schools and Dogsthorpe Infant School also have a Twitter feed, Instagram account and/ or a Facebook page.

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