Helping Hampton

14 October 2021

Helping Hampton

Hampton Academies Trust now has over 3000 young people in its schools, and we are conscious that our students form a huge part of the local community.

We would like to work to ensure that our students are always a positive force within Hampton, helping to make it a better, safer place.

We will shortly be bringing together students from across our schools to form a team of Community Leaders, looking at the ways in which HAT students can ensure they are considerate members of their local area.

We are very keen to hear from you, whether as residents, businesses, local groups etc. as to what you would like to see our students getting involved in to actively help the community.

Please do send any ideas of things you would like to see the students of Hampton Academies Trust Schools engaging in by emailing:

Please note that this email address is specifically for our planned community work and any direct communication with a particular school should still go through the individual school channels.

Thanks in advance,

The HAT Team

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