Welcome to our new school

6 October 2020

Welcome to our new school

For all other children in the country yesterday was probably just another Monday; another day to put on the school uniform, pack the bag and get the water bottle, that was not the case for the children at Hampton Lakes Primary School.

The children of Hampton Lakes have been learning in temporary accommodation since September 2019, whilst Interserve Construction Limited worked in partnership with the Department for Education, the Hampton Academies Trust and Peterborough City Council to build a brand new free school in the township of Hampton Gardens. Practical completion for the build occurred last Wednesday and staff have worked with enthusiasm, passion, and determination to ensure that the school was ready for the children first thing this morning.

The children arrived with huge smiles on their eager faces and were delighted to participate in all our opening day activities including; exploring and playing in their very own purpose built learning space, running, jumping and skipping on the playground, eating lunch in the dinner hall, clapping and cheering as Miss Trigg cut the ceremonial ribbon, and then feasting on cake and playing with balloons.

Watching the children as they confidently began to take ownership of their school was amazing, and we all hope that the children will have a very safe, happy and successful school life here at Hampton Lakes Primary.

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