Dr. Isabel Lawson

Dr. Isabel Lawson

HAT school and current role:

Hampton College, Science Teacher

Areas of educational expertise and experience:


Whilst new to Hampton Academies Trust, in her previous role as a Head of Year and safeguarding officer, Isabel oversaw transformational change in the learning culture, behaviour and aspirations of a year group at her previous school.

Over three years as a Head of Year, working with a year group with high levels of deprivation (45% of students were Pupil Premium), she worked alongside a team of form tutors and the Head of Key Stage 4 to enact a cultural transformation in the year group, taking their pastoral data from cause for concern to outstanding. Improved outcomes included:

  • Reduction in internal and external exclusions
  • Improved GCSE outcomes and positive progress
  • Increased student and stakeholder buy in to the ethos and values of the schools
  • Appropriate Post 16 destinations secured (NEET prevention)

Isabel is also an experienced and accomplished teacher of Science/ Chemistry. She is happy to advise on subject content and teaching and learning in Science.

Additional affiliations and accreditations

PhD in Chemistry

In-reach and outreach- support offered in the following areas:

  • Developing and sustaining positive classroom culture and behaviour alongside aspirational attitudes and excellence.
  • Development, implementation and use of pastoral systems for supporting student progress and engagement both in and out of the classroom.
  • Building positive relationships between staff, students and home.
  • CPD and training, with a particular focus toward pastoral practice e.g. managing difficult conversations with parents and pedagogy of supporting low attainers.
  • Coaching and mentoring staff across different subject areas, and the development of coaching systems for supporting staff.
  • Support in teaching Science / Chemistry
  • Advice in both subject content and successful approaches to practical learning activities