Jamie Banks

Jamie Banks

HAT school and current role:

Hampton Gardens School – Head of Chemistry

Areas of educational expertise and experience:

  • Nineteen years of experience working in educational roles.
  • Six years in middle leadership as Head of Science and Head of Faculty for Science and Mathematics.
  • Creation of digital resources through developing lesson content for a national online learning resource.
  • Mentoring and coaching trainee teachers and ECTs.
  • Seven years of experience teaching EAL students in international schools.

Additional affiliations and accreditations

  • MRes (Master of Research) in Science
  • A-Level Examiner

In-reach and outreach- support offered in the following areas:

  • Digital resource utilization: In today's educational landscape, digital resources play a crucial role in enhancing learning. Jamie can offer help with digital tools and resources so that technology can be used in the classroom to optimize the educational experience for students.
  • Online resource creation: designing engaging and effective online resources that are crafted to meet the needs of diverse learners and leverage digital resources to enhance the learning experience.
  • Supporting Science Education: Science education is a passion, and Jamie enjoys supporting fellow educators with curriculum development, teaching strategies, or content creation.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL): Jamie’s experience in supporting EAL students has allowed him to understand the unique challenges that EAL students face and to develop strategies to facilitate their language acquisition and overall academic success.