Rob Graham

Rob Graham

HAT school and current role:

Hampton Lakes Primary School, Key Stage 1 Phase Leader, Literacy Lead, Phonics Lead, Assessment Lead and Year 2 Class Teacher

Areas of educational expertise and experience:


  • Early Years
  • Phonics
  • English
  • History
  • Key Stage 1 outcomes

In-reach and outreach- support offered in the following areas:

  • Early Years: set up, environment, continuous provision, phonics, early reading, parental engagement, Tapestry and ReallySchool, assessments
  • Key Stage 1: classroom provision, curriculum development, resourcing, assessment (SATs, Phonics Screening), moderation (reading, writing, phonics, maths), Year 1 continuous provision model
  • Phonics: staff training (subject knowledge, pedagogy, delivering lessons), monitoring, model lessons, planning, implementation of schemes, data analysis, book banding and groupings
  • Reading: early years reading support (GPC, basic reading skills, ways to develop the love of reading) and online reading systems
  • Writing: developing a sequence of lessons, developing grammar teaching and knowledge, moderation, handwriting and creating purposeful writing with real audiences.